How can you Volunteer or Help out?


Your Time is a gift:

Help us to make a difference to the lives of all those people living with diabetes.

Whether you can spare a month, a week, a day or just an hour, there are many different ways that you can get involved with our work.

No matter how much time you can give or what skills and interests you have, there is a role for you; so, why not make a difference and get involved!

Why not create a Fundraising Event? - See Fundraising Ideas.

We are even looking for volunteers to help out with the day-day running of the group.

If you wish to become actively involved in any of the work that the SESKU Diabetes UK Voluntary Group does please contact us:

*** Please ring between 09:30 and 18:00 ***
Tel: 01977 645975
Mobile: 07535 246748


Please spare a few minutes to help us make diabetes a priority for politicians and your local healthcare organisations via
Diabetes Uk's e-campaigning
; it's free, quick and easy - click here for E-campaigning.

Fundraising ideas and events:

There are many ways that you could help us to raise vital funds and awareness, so that we can improve the lives of local people with diabetes and work towards a better diabetic future in the SESKU and surrounding areas.

If you would like to join our group, take part in our activities, or just be added to our mailing list to receive regular information please contact us by Telephone, or by E-mail, or use the SESKU Diabetes UK Voluntary Group Contact Form:

Make a Donation:

Donations to the SESKU Diabetes UK Voluntary Group will help us to improve the lives of local people with diabetes.

Donations to Diabetes Uk will help them to continue their research into the causes of diabetes and their work to prevent and, hopefully one day, cure the condition.

Every donation counts, no matter how small, and is used to benefit people with diabetes, their families and carers.

This is to say thanks to all those volunteers who help us to keep this club up and running.

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