The NHS Healthy Lifestyles Event September 2013:

Healthy Lifestyles Promotions Event:
Held at the Oasis Cafe, Exchange Street, South Elmsall, WF9 2RD.
The event was held on Tuesday the 17th September 2013.
Set up at 9.00am for a 9:30am start and the event finished at 2.30pm.

Halina King and David Williamson set up a stall.
To advertise the SESKU Diabetes UK Voluntary Group activities.

Some other groups who also set up a stall were:
Wakefield District Health Trainers
Shape your Weight
Shape your Pregnancy
Community Food and Health Team
Expert Patients
NHS Health & Wellbeing Development Workers
Wakefield Alcohol Team
Age UK
Right Steps
Connect 3

The event also held a Free Raffle.
We believe that the day was a success for all groups.

The NHS Healthy Lifestyles Event Volunteers:

David Williamson NHS Healthy Lifestyle Event
Halina King and David Williamson healthy Lifestyle Event
Volunteers Halina King and David Williamson.

A Big Thank-You To Our Volunteers:

On Tuesday the 17th September 2013:
The SESKU Diabetes UK Voluntary Group set up a stall.
This stall was intended to promote the group!
We couldn't have set up the stall without volunteers.
So a Here's A Big Thank-You to the volunteers that were kind enough to donate their time!

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