Green Vegetables Are Power-Packed With Health:

'Popeye the sailor man' was right, Spinach is good for you, as is Broccoli, Bok Choy, Kale and Cabbage, and many others, which are loaded with Vitamin A, C and E, and also Iron and Zinc, you also get Antioxidants that protect you from viruses and disease.

Green Vegetables Are Low In Carbohydrates:

What can you consume in larger quantities without gaining weight, besides water? Green Vegetables of course! They are very low in Carbohydrates, but high in Fiber and water content; you can fill half your plate and better appease your appetite; although, if you choose to have a salad, go for the Dark Green Leafy Lettuces and add Spinach and Arugula for added nutrition.

Cooked vegetables add value to a meal by increasing the Absorption of Minerals; Vegetables such as Asparagus, Broccoli, Green Pepper, Green Beans and Brussel Sprouts will add healthful benefits, yet contain a very small amount of Carbohydrates, and because of the High Fiber content, the impact on Blood Glucose is low.

Added factors inlclude the facts that Green Vegetables contain Phytonutrients, such as Lycopene and Indoles, which are known to help reduce cancer risk and cardiovascular disease, and you can also boost your immune system with the anti-inflammatory properties found within Green Vegetables, which help to protect your body from cellular damage.

NB. Eating Green Vegetables is healthy for most people, but check with your healthcare team if you are at all unsure.

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