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Promoting the SESKU Diabetes UK Voluntary Group

- The national Diabetes UK and Tesco Partnership:

Diabetes UK is here to support people living with Diabetes, and to remind them that they’re not alone on their diabetes journey.

The national Diabetes UK and Tesco Partnership is working to raise £10 million to create healthier communities, and to support and make a life-changing difference to people to those affected by, and at risk of, diabetes, across the UK.

We need your help to make this partnership our most successful ever and by raising funds for Diabetes UK, you’ll be playing a really important part; if you would like to take part please contact David Williamson

The money raised will be invested in Life-changing support for millions of people with diabetes, so that they feel less scared and isolated by their condition; in Preventing thousands of future cases of Type 2 diabetes, meaning that fewer families are affected by the devastating effects of this condition and into Research into a vaccine that could stop forever the development of Type 1 diabetes in children.
- Diabetes Uk Information:

- Our new research timeline will be unveiled on the Diabetes UK website, highlighting the milestones and achievements in diabetes research.

- We’ll be talking all about our research, including blogs, profiles and videos from Diabetes UK funded researchers, as well as hosting live chats online; please keep checking the Diabetes Week section of our website or follow us on Twitter or Facebook to keep up to date.

- Tesco stores will be raising awareness of diabetes as part of its National Charity Partnership with Diabetes UK; make sure you visit your local store and take part in any activities going on.

- We’ll also be spreading the news of the different research projects we’re currently funding, and letting you know how you can help support these projects by promoting our adopt a project scheme this is where individuals and groups can adopt a research project for one year for a minimum donation of £1,000.

- We hope you find these ways a useful fun and engaging way to spread the news about diabetes and raise vital funds to further our research efforts; please do let us know what you think and how you have taken part so we can share stories and experiences in the next involve newsletter.

- World Diabetes Day:

This important day takes place on the 14th November each year and aims to promote global awareness of diabetes; it was set up by the International Diabetes Federation IDF and the World Health Organisation WHO to combat the global rise of the condition.

People with diabetes are at risk of devastating complications such as heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, blindness and amputation, yet many of these can be prevented if people with the condition regularly receive all the vital 15 healthcare checks and specialist services they need to stay healthy; that’s why Diabetes UK launched its 15 healthcare essentials campaign in 2012, which outlines the minimum standards of care people with diabetes should receive on an annual basis, as well as the specialist services they should be able to access; ergo, last year diabetics were requested to take action on the 15 healthcare essentials.

You can support Diabetes UK by helping to promote our new 15 healthcare essentials checklist; therefore, if you or someone close to you has diabetes make sure you take action on World Diabetes Day by downloading Diabetes UK’s 15 healthcare essentials checklist and passing on the checklist to any family members, friends and colleagues who may have the condition to help us ensure that the millions of people with diabetes in the UK receive the care they need to stay healthy.

Download the 15 Healthcare Essentials Checklist

What are the 15 healthcare essentials?

The 15 healthcare essentials are the basic health checks that everyone with diabetes, whether Type 1 or Type 2, should receive; they are based on official NHS guidance across the UK, the 15 healthcare essentials checklist sets out the minimum standard of care that people with diabetes need to help manage their condition.


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