Fund Raising Events & Ideas:


Your Time is a gift:

Help us to make a difference to the lives of all those people living with diabetes.

Whether you can spare a month, a week, a day or just an hour, there are many different ways that you can help us Raise Funds.

No matter how much time you can give or what skills and interests you have, there is an activity for you; so, why not make a difference and get involved!

We are looking for volunteers in order to help us Raise Funds, to help those living with diabetes in the local areas.

Therefore, if you have any Fund Raising Ideas, or you wish to become actively involved in any Fund Raising Event, for the SESKU Diabetes UK Voluntary Group please contact us:

*** Please ring between 09:30 and 18:00 ***
Tel: 01977 645975
Mobile: 07535 246748

Business Donations: Local Businesses who have kindly made Donations to the group

Fund Raising Ideas For Every Month:


New Year resolution’s fundraising & sponsorship for example:
Stop smoking, lose weight, join a gym, etc.


Valentine’s Day (14th) fundraising & sponsorship for example:
Heart shaped cookie sale, make & sell valentine’s cards, guess the number of love hearts in the jar, etc.

Shrove Tuesday fundraising & sponsorship for example:
Pancake competition, flip the pancakes, etc.


Mother’s Day fundraising & sponsorship for example:
Design and sell Mother’s day cards, beauty hamper raffle at school or work, etc.

St. Patricks Day fundraising & sponsorship for example:
Fancy dress as a Leprechaun at work or school, wear green for the day, etc.

British Pie Week 2013 (4th - 10th) fundraising & sponsorship for example:
Bake a savoury, or sweet pie, sale at work, school, or local community, etc.


Easter fundraising & sponsorship for example:
Easter egg hunts for families in local community, bones hidden for dogs, egg and spoon race, guess the name of the bunny, fancy dress, give something up for Lent & be sponsored, etc.


Eurovision fundraising & sponsorship for example:
Eurovision party, Eurovision sweep stake, etc.

National Family Week 2013 (27th May – 2nd June) fundraising & sponsorship for example:
Family & pets BBQ, sports day event held at a BBQ, face painting & fancy dress, etc.


National BBQ Week (28th May – 3rd June) fundraising & sponsorship for example:
Tie in with family week and hold joint fundraisers, create family friendly events at a BBQ, etc.

Father’s Day (16th June) fundraising & sponsorship for example:
Design and Sell Fathers Day cards, create Father's Day sponsorship events, etc.


Wimbledon fundraising & sponsorship for example:
Wimbledon sweep stake, local tennis tournament, strawberries & Cream sale, etc.


Organise a fun fundraising & sponsorship event, for example:
A walk, a mini run, a mountain climb, etc.


Back to School Week fundraising & sponsorship for example:
Tuck shop, cake sale, school disco, etc.


Halloween fundraising & sponsorship for example:
Fancy dress competition, pumpkin carving competition, etc.

National Baking Week (15th – 21st) fundraising & sponsorship for example:
Cake sale at work and/or school, etc.

National World Food Day (16th) fundraising & sponsorship for example:
Cook off of different foods from around the world using, etc.


Bonfire Night fundraising & sponsorship for example:
Design your own guy Fawkes and pay a £1, or so, to enter and a prize for the best design, etc.


Advent fundraising & sponsorship for example:
Create Advent calendars and sell them, bake Advent cakes and sell them, etc.

Christmas fundraising & sponsorship for example:
Christmas concert at school or local community hall, carol singing, design your own Christmas cards and sell them, wear a Santa hat to work and pay a £1, mulled wine sale. Christmas hamper raffle, etc.

We Welcome Any Ideas For Funraising Events:

Please contact us with details!

*** Please ring between 09:30 and 18:00 ***
Tel: 01977 645975
Mobile: 07535 246748

Diabetes UK Northern & Yorkshire Fundraising webpage

Make a Donation:

Donations to the SESKU Diabetes UK Voluntary Group will help us to improve the lives of local people with diabetes.

Donation to Diabetes Uk will help them to continue their research into the causes of diabetes and their work to prevent and, hopefully one day, cure the condition.

Every donation counts, no matter how small, and is used to benefit people with diabetes, their families and carers.

This is to say thanks to all those volunteers who help us to keep this club up and running.
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