The National Big Collection Weekend:

Diabetes UK and Tesco are now working together to raise at least 10 million to help create healthier communities, and to help support those affected by, at risk of, and those living with, diabetes; the partnership with Diabetes UK and Tesco was announced on 4th March 2013, when Tesco named Diabetes UK as their Charity of the Year.

All of the funds raised will allow us to achieve three things:
1-: Provide life-changing support to people who are just diagnosed, or already living, with the condition, helping them to feel better equipped to manage their diabetes.
2-: Run an awareness campaign that could help thousands of people avoid Type 2 diabetes diagnosis by reversing their risk.
3-: A significant funding boost into research for a vaccine that makes a future without Type 1 diabetes a possibility and has the potential to break new ground in diabetes research.

NB. We still need your help to make this partnership Diabetes UK's most successful ever.
A Big Thank-You To Our Volunteers:

On Friday the 4th, Saturday the 5th & Sunday the 6th October 2013:
Diabetes UK held collections at many Tesco stores (excluding Express Stores).
This collection was called 'The National Big Collection Weekend'!
We couldn't have done the Big Collection Weekend without your help.
So a Here's A Big Thank-You to all the volunteers that were kind enough to donate their time!

The Pontefract Tesco Supermarket Big Collection Volunteers
The NHS Healthy Lifestyles Event:

Event Details:
The event was held at the Oasis Cafe, Exchange Street, South Elmsall, WF9 2RD.
The event was held on Tuesday the 17th September 2013.
It Started at 9:30am and Finished at 2.30pm.

The groups at the event were:
Age UK
Community Food and Health Team
Connect 3
Expert Patients
NHS Health & Wellbeing Development Workers
Right Steps
SESKU Diabetes UK Voluntary Group
Shape your Pregnancy
Shape your Weight
Wakefield Alcohol Team
Wakefield District Health Trainers

The NHS Healthy Lifestyles Event Volunteers
Your Time Is A Gift:

We still need your help for other Collection Events, and other Volunteering Activities, where we could make a huge difference to people affected by and at risk of diabetes in the UK; we need you to help us carry out this vital work; no matter how much time you can give, or what skills and interests you have, there is a role for you, so, please make a difference and get involved.

We need your support to help raise thousands of pounds, through fund raising activities as well as with Tesco; therefore, we would love it if you became part of our volunteering army; if you can spare A Few Hours and you are interested in helping out, as a Volunteer at any event please let us know.

Contact David Williamson - Chair of the SESKU Diabetes UK Voluntary Group:
*** Please ring between 09:30 and 18:00 ***
Tel: 01977 645975
Mobile: 07535 246748

We are now organising Fund Raising events, with the help of our group volunteers.

We welcome any Ideas, or Suggestions, that you may have for any Fund Raising event.
E-mail Us!

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