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00 Contents.
01 Introduction.
02 What is diabetes?.
03 Symptoms of diabetes.
04 Coming to terms with diabetes.
05 A healthy, active lifestyle.
06 Short-term complications.
07 Long-term complications.
08 Coping with diabetes.
09 Frequently asked questions.
10 Diabetes care for the blind.
11 Further support.
12 About Diabetes UK (8.8MB)
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01 Coping with diabetes and depression. Open or Download
02 Coping with diabetes when ill. Open or Download
03 Diabetes Care in hospital. Open or Download
04 Diabetic Neuropathy. Open or Download
05 Living healthily with diabetes for the Black African-Caribbean communities. Open or Download
06 Meds & Kit Balance Testing and Treating supplement. Open or Download
07 Taking care of your feet. Open or Download
08 The Balance guide to blood glucose testing 2011 2012. Open or Download
09 Treating your diabetes with insulin. Open or Download
10 Type 2 diabetes medication. Open or Download
11 Your eyes and diabetes. Open or Download
12 Carbs count e-book An introduction to carbohydrate counting and insulin dose adjustment. Open or Download
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